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Fostering business responsibility in MSME clusters

In continuation of its effort towards promoting responsible behaviour among MSMEs, the Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) has taken the initiative of developing a methodology on how business responsibility issues in MSMEs can be tackled through cluster development approach.
The methodology document, 'Fostering Business Responsibility in MSME Clusters' has been developed to put in place a procedure that will support the policy makers, implementing agencies and cluster development agents in their efforts to make the MSMEs in clusters to become responsible in their businesses, said FMC in a notification.
The Methodology documents are available in three volumes – Volume I for Policy Makers, Volume II for Implementing Agencies and Volume III for Cluster Development Agents (CDAs).
Each volume is divided into two sections. The first section explains the basic concepts of clusters, their development, responsible business and the link between clusters and responsible business.
The second section describes the roles and responsibilities of Policy Makers (Volume I), Implementing Agencies (Volume II) and Cluster Development Agents (Volume III), in fostering responsible behaviour in MSMEs through the cluster development approach.