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Free investment advisory start-up firm 'Tathastu Advisory' for beginners & housewives

AHMEDABAD: A Mumbai based start-upcompany Tathastu Advisory launched freemarket advisory service for public at large to help them in their wealth building endeavour. The service would mainly target beginners and housewives.

According to a press release statement issued by the company, the free service would be provided under the name of 'The Market - 
Financial Intelligence,' where the general public can call up by dialling 8080090900 anytime of the day or night.

Tathastu has set up a 
call centre that can handle over 25,000 calls per day and it has scaling up capacity. Initially, the call centre advisors would interact in Hindi and English language, but would include other local languages as the company expands its services pan-India.

The company claims it to be first-of-a-kind service designed to help investors in India, especially those from tier II and tier III cities, so that they too can participate in the investment culture and earn better returns of their hard earn money based on expert advice.

"Every one likes to make money and this process of wealth building does not happen overnight. It requires diligent planning and expertise. This is where Tathastu comes into the picture" said Mr. Parag Thakker of Tathastu Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

He further explains that Tathastu is not a broking house nor does it hold any stocks. However, he also claims that his company does not have any vested interest in any investment advice that it may give. He also announced that Tathastu Advisory will soon undertake a series of road shows across the country and hold investor camps to enrol an increased number of people into the investment culture.

Tathastu Advisory provides advice for the whole gamut of capital market instruments, be it long term or short term investment or trading in 
Equity Cash, Futures and Options, Commodities-Metals/Bullion/Agri/Energy, Forex, Mutual fund and Insurance.

Tathastu Advisory will provide personalised services at all times in the best interests of investors. The company has an expert team with knowledge of all the financial products that one would like to invest or trade in. With Tathastu Advisory Pvt. Ltd. as partner, investors will be able to access first-in-class advice and financial solutions. The services at Tathastu are customised according to the investors' risk appetite and investment horizon.