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FSME-AP contends discoms proposed power tariff before regulator

Hyderabad, Feb 8 (KNN) The Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises- AP (FSME- AP) has filed its objections on the power tariff hike proposals made by all the four discoms in Andhra Pradesh, before Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC).
Since February 4 was slated for public hearing in Hyderabad on the proposed power tariff, FSME- AP, on behalf of our member- SMEs and also all industrialists, who have been suffering from the power problems, submitted its views.

The FSME-AP in a statement has alleged that, “the discoms are fudging their accounts to show losses.”

It also alleged that, “APERC is not sincerely taking decisions in favour of electricity consumers, particularly our small and medium entrepreneurs.”

“The commission must seriously consider the suggestions and objections of the public at these public hearings, but, the public hearings are being conducted namesake,” the federation said.

It also said that the four discoms of the State had submitted recently their Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) for the financial year 2014-15 to the APERC, in which they have “proposed to burden the 2.5 crore consumers to the tune of Rs 9,339 crore.”
The FSME- AP in it submission has “strongly contended the proposals. Focusing the argument on MSME sector, FSME-AP apprised APERC the facts and figures. In fact, the Union and State Governments have evolved separate policies exclusively for MSME Sector offering­ various subsidies including supply of Power at reasonable tariff.­
“Accordingly, the erstwhile APSEB accorded utmost priority to MSME Sector after the Agriculture and allowed a reasonable Power Tariff to all small scale industrial units covering them under Low Tension Category,” it added.

But, the scenario has been changed under discoms. “Gradually, DISCOMs have started shifting their stand on small scale sector by dividing SSI units up to 75 HP connected load under Low Tension Category (LT Category), above 75 HP up to 150 H.P. under LT-IIIB category and above 150 HP under High Tension Category (HT Category) up to the financial year 2012-13.­
“Commencing the financial year 2013-14, the SSI units under LT IIIB category have been merged with HT Category­ with exorbitant hike in the Tariff.­ Major percentage of SSI Industries in the State are having the connected load of 150 HP and below.­ Due to steep increase in the Power Tariff as well as abolition of LT-IIIB category, Small Scale Industries are facing acute financial crunch and many industries collapsed and many industries are on the verge of closure,” the federation further added.