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Govt organises course on Supply Chain Management

Gurgaon, Oct 9 (KNN)  The logistics and supply chain sector has witnessed a double digit growth during the last decade and the growth pattern is expected to continue for another couple of decades.
However, the sector is faced with the unavailability of skilled manpower to sustain its growth.   To fill the skill gap, the MSME Technology Development Centre has organised a four-day certificate course in supply chain management to be held here on October-19th, 20th, 26th and 27th.
“MSME TDC is offering Supply Chain Management course that helps you understand the powerful concepts and present them in a lucid and applications oriented manner,” said an official notification.
The course will focus on key applications like demand forecasting, master planning and materials requirements planning, Japanese concepts like Lean and JIT as well as understanding the nuances of purchasing and the art of negotiation.
The course has been designed for executives, managers, project managers, business analysts, and management trainees from manufacturing and services sectors, engineering and MBA students.
Participants on day one will be introduced to Supply Chain Management, demand forecasting and master planning.  Day two will see session on materials requirements planning, capacity management and inventory management.  On day three topics such as CRM Basics – which is about how to manage customers and prospects; purchasing and physical distribution will be covered.  The final day will deal with sessions on purchasing and negotiation; lean, TQM and Six Sigma.