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Govt plans business opportunity programmes in CIS countries

NEW DELHI: The government is planning to organise awareness programmes in five cities of the country on business opportunities in CIS countries such as Russia and Belarus in order to boost bilateral trade.

"To fill the information gap, we in the Commerce Ministry are planning outreach programmes in five cities," Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce 
Ravi Capoor said today.

He was speaking at the 2nd CIS Ambassadors' Interactive Round Table 
Forum organised by EEPC India.

The programmes would tell about the different business opportunities present in the
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

Requesting the Ambassadors of CIS countries to encourage their businessmen to participate in the India Engineering Sourcing Show in Mumbai in January, Capoor said that the problems related to visa need to be sorted out.

Speaking at the occasion, 
EEPC India Chairman Aman Chadha informed that the government is working out an arrangement with its CIS counterparts to ease the visa regime.

"I understand that the government has worked out a plan with the 
Russian governmentwherein the recommendation with the apex chambers would be considered while granting business visas to Indian exporters, Chadha said.

Similarly, with other CIS countries the same proposal is being worked out so that Indian businessmen can undertake projects smoothly in this potential region, he added.

Besides visa, Chadha said other issues like connectivity and lack of banking channels need to resolved to enhance trade.

He said that there is also a need to increase number of flights between India and CIS region from the current 14 every week.

At the function, several Ambassadors including from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and 
Ukraine made their presentations to increase economic ties.

In 2012-13, trade between India and CIS stood at $ 11.5 billion.

Both the sides have aimed at increasing it to $ 20 billion by 2015 and $ 30 billion by 2020.