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Govt. support for product certification to MSMEs

New Delhi, October 8 (KNN) The Micro,  Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)  can claim up 75 per cent of expenditure incurred in getting Product Standard Marks up to Rs 1.5 lac for national and Rs 2 lac for International ones. 

The national standards markings on products like BIS, BEE etc and international ones such as CE, UL, Energy Star etc shall be eligible for support under the new initiative.

According to a communication of Office of Development Commissioner of MSME, Ministry of MSME, the scheme has been initiated to enhance the acceptability of products of the MSME sector in national and international markets and also to help them become part of global supply chains. 

‘To encourage and promote a wider coverage of MSME’s to obtain licence / certifications of such product standards of national international agencies, reimbursement of the expenditure incurred will be provided  to the applicants towards the first product being licensed, except the compulsory licences/ certifications , the  official communication notes.

It may be recalled that the Ministry already runs a successful scheme for providing financial support to MSMEs for acquiring process standards such as ISO 9000.