Govt to provide more powers to state regulatory commissions

 NEW DELHI: The government plans to amend laws to provide more powers to state regulatory commissions and load dispatch centres so as to ensure proper functioning of electricity grids, and is expected to receive a report on the issue. 

A panel headed by chairman of the
Central Electricity Authority (CEA) - the apex planning body for the power sector - is expected to soon submit its report to the power ministry. Following the massive grid failures last year that impacted more than half the country's population, the ministry initiated various steps to prevent similar incidents.

Among others, it decided to review the powers of load dispatch centres and regulatory commissions in addressing "non-compliance of statutory/ regulatory provisions", according to a document. To look into these issues, the ministry set up a panel.

The report of the committee, constituted under the Chairperson of CEA, is to be submitted shortly to the ministry of power on amendments in the
Electricity Act 2003 relating to grid matters, according to a ministry document issued in late March.

After reviewing the scenario, the government would amend Electricity Act, 2003. Meanwhile, a task force is studying the present grid conditions and anticipated scenarios. Set up in December, the task force - including experts from academics, power utilities and system operators - has held at least five meetings.

"The task force has initiated the study on present grid conditions and anticipated scenarios," the document said.