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Himachal Pradesh to boost apple market

Shimla, Dec 9 (KNN)  The Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation Limited (HPMC) has planned to upgrade its apple processing units in an effort to expand its fruit’s market.

The corporation is keen to build an Apple Packhouse at Rekong Peo. In this regard, it  seeks experts from different corporations for supply, installation and commissioning of the apple line.

The HPMC, being a premier fruit marketing agency, procures the unmarketable fruits which are then processed under most hygienic conditions in its processing plants.
The efforts made by the corporation have resulted in stabilizing the prices of fruits in the market. 

Fruits from Himachal Pradesh are known for their variety and good quality. It has been recognised as the apple state of India. At present, Himachal Pradesh produces over 4.00 lakh tonnes of apples annually.

The people of the state mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood.