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How MSMEs can benefit from end-to-end retail solutions

Building a robust distribution and retail is critical for growth of any business. However, it requires access to modern technology, reliable partners and employees. These, in turn, require significant capital and huge commitment of time.
Most MSMEs don’t have that kind of capability or resources to build and manage a retail distribution network in a large geography like India. But there is help at hand.

“Companies that specialise in retail and distribution solutions can provide these MSMEs with a turnkey solution that leverages existing networks and capabilities to provide a reliable, lower-risk ability to expand their reach,” says Sundeep Holani, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Channelplay.

The robust and comprehensive end-to-end sales solutions offered by these companies give small businesses a distinctive competitive edge by optimising the value chain — from procurement and inventory management to order fulfilment and final delivery, which increases operational efficiency, curtails costs, and enhances the overall customer journey.