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How MSMEs, startups can replicate physical workspaces to save time, money? The answer lies beyond WFH

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: With physical office space becoming redundant, SMBs and startups can now hire the best of talent worldwide. By shrinking the geographical boundaries, work from anywhere platforms ensures that talent is an important aspect of hiring.

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: In the pre-COVID phase, very few companies entertained flexible work from anywhere culture, and only a few employees had access to flexible workplaces. But, in the year that has gone by, the work-from-anywhere concept has emerged strongly, and everyone has adjusted to it. As a result, the future of work has evolved significantly. The companies have observed that work-from-anywhere results in more productivity with seamless connectivity and innovations at work. Working together when working from home is key to foster wellbeing and mental health. Replicating the physical office space virtually is helping businesses worldwide, save time and money. So, here’s why start-ups and SMBs should explore work-from-anywhere technologies.