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India-Myanmar-Thai highway to boost trade

New Delhi, Oct 22, (KNN)  The proposed highway covering India, Myanmar and Thailand will enhance trade of pulses and timber among these countries and the overall level of commercial engagement among them.

Addressing at CII function here today, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said the highway is expected to be operational soon. It is expected to help in smoother and faster movement of goods in this region.

The project was conceived at the trilateral ministerial meeting on transport linkages in Yangon in April 2002.

"We are presently working with the governments of Myanmar and Thailand to develop the trilateral highway which hopefully will be completed soon," Sharma said.

He said the project and the transport corridor will connect with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar with the North-Eastern part of India. 

Myanmar is source of one-third of India's imports in pulses and one-fifth in timber. India’s main exports to these countries include pharmaceuticals, machinery, vehicles, plastics and cotton while imports are pulses, rubber, wood, mineral oil and spices.