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India tops list of Dubai's food import partners

DUBAI: India has been ranked the first among Dubai's food import partners with a share of 14 per cent, amounting to over Rs 95 billion, according to the customs here. 

Dubai's food 
foreign trade increased over the past two years from Rs 782.7 billion in 2010 to Rs 929.4 billion in 2011. 

Brazil had an 11 percent share of Dubai's food imports, representing a value of Rs 71.4 billion (4.38 billion dirhams), while the 
United States had 9 percent at a value of Rs 63.5 billion (3.9 billion dirhams). 

At the food re-export level, Oman's share was 11 percent at a value of 868 million dirhams and Saudi Arabia with a share of 6 percent and a value of 498 million dirhams. 

Foodstuff sector is one of the most essential commercial sectors which Dubai Customs keenly targets to expedite its imports to satisfy consumption needs at reasonable prices. 

The Dubai customs has announced that India has topped among Dubai's food import partners with a share of 14 per cent, equivalent to Rs 95.2 billion (5.84 billion dirhams). 

Rice topped the list of Dubai re-exports with a share of 12 percent representing (963 million dirhams), followed by nuts with a share of 11 percent accounting for 867 million dirhams then sugar with a share of 6 percent equivalent to 527 million. 

At the exports level, sugar ranked the first with a share of 18 percent worth Rs 24.4 billion followed by chocolate and cocoa products with a share of 15 percent and milk and unsweetened cream with a share of 9 percent representing a value of 740 million dirhams. 

Sugar topped Dubai's food imports in 2012 with a share of 10 percent equivalent to 4.3 billion dirhams, followed by rice with a share of 6 percent representing a value of 2.67 billion dirhams then tea with a share of 5 percent equivalent to 2.02 billion dirhams.