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Indian Energy Exchange says REC trading volume doubled in July

NEW DELHI: Leading power exchange IEX today said volumes of Renewable EnergyCertificates (RECs) traded doubled last month, with over 72,300 non-solar certificates changing hands. 

"This trading session witnessed increased volumes of traded 
RECs over the previous months with the trade of 72,321 non-solar and 1,983 solar RECs," Indian Energy Exchange(IEX) said in a statement today. In June, 36,147 non-solar and 797 solar RECs were traded. 

One REC is equivalent to 1 MWh of energy generated from renewable sources. 

For non-solar RECs, 72,321 buy bids and 16,76,875 sell bids were received, against which 72,321 were cleared at Rs 1,500 per certificate. 

"For solar RECs, buy bids of 1,983 RECs and sell bids of 12,486 RECs were received against which 1,983 RECs were cleared at Rs 9,300 per REC," the statement said. 

The trading session for RECs in July featured 770 market participants and out of them, 610 entities participated in the non-solar segment.