Industrialised countries responsible for greenhouse gases emission : PM

NEW DELHI: While inaugurating the 4th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, industrialised countries are historically responsible for bulk of the accumulated green house gases emission.


Energy ministers from 23 countries, including US Energy Secretary Steven Chu, to come together in New Delhi to review the progress of clean energy initiatives.


The Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Chu inaugurated an 'Innovation Showcase Pavillion' featuring 40 exhibits dealing with clean energy technology.


Besides the ministerial meeting, the event will also host panel discussion on participation of woman in Clean Energy, Awards for the Super Efficient Appliances etc.


The ministerial meetings also provide an opportunity for high-level engagement with private-sector stakeholders in a variety of formats, ranging from public panel sessions to roundtable dialogues, co-chaired by ministers and chief executive officers, it added.


The CEM is currently the only regular meeting of energy ministers at which they exclusively discuss clean energy deployment issues.


It also includes involvement from other ministries that play an important role in clean energy in governments.


The CEM is a global forum to share best practices and promote policies and programs that encourage and facilitate the transition to a global clean energy economy.


The CEM initiatives help reduce emissions, improve energy security, provide energy access, and sustain economic growth.


CEM participating economies account for 90 percent of global clean energy investment and 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.


International collaboration under CEM is action-oriented and flexible and there are no negotiated texts or binding agreements.


Moreover, there is no requirement that all governments that participate in the ministerial meetings also participate in each of the clean-energy-focused initiatives.