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Industry-academia brainstorming on curriculum

Noida, May 5 (KNN)  The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) will be conducting a brain-storming session on May-15, between HRD personnel and the academia and colleges so that institutional training can be oriented towards meeting industry requirements.

“Recruiters / employers are requested to attend a brainstorming session to decide the road ahead for regular industry / academia interface so that the benefits are both ways and the trainees of the institute may get the maximum possible benefit,” said a NIESBUD notice.

The move is significant considering that India has an incredibly low employability rate.

According to the National Skill Report 2014 prepared by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) only 30 per cent of graduates are job worthy.

In an assessment of one lakh students on various skills, CII found that only 34 per cent were employable and women fared better than men in the tests. The survey also found that Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Odisha and West Bengal were among the top states from where the major chunk of "employable pool" emerged.

On the other hand, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Jharkhand and Bihar were among the bottom of the heap. The assessment was carried out an online assessment firm which tested the students across 28 states and Union Territories on their numerical and logical ability, communications and domain knowledge.
As far as the hotel industry is concerned, the employability of hotel management graduates seems to be very low as less than 11 per cent of candidates who passed out of college in 2013 were employable, a study has said.

According to the Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, only 4 to 11 per cent of the entire hotel management population is employable, while the other 12 to 21 per cent candidates can be employed post some 'training'.

The report that analysed the employability of hotel management graduates, their capability, qualifications and aspirations said females are more employable than males and the primary reason to pursue hospitality career is the opportunity to go abroad. The report was based on AMCAT Hospitality covered all major job roles in the hospitality industry including food production, food and beverage, front desk and housekeeping.
Yet another India Employability Report by Aspiring Minds has said that 90 per cent of Indian engineering graduates are not employable, bringing out the obvious fact that the quality of the education system in India is abysmal.
Among the factors responsible for the poor state of affairs are outdated learning, gap between theory and practice, emphasis on exam rather than the learning of the subject, lack of exposure, and bad career matching.
NIESBUD is an apex institute in the area of entrepreneurship and small business development under the MSME Ministry, Government of India.
The basic objectives for which the Institute has been established are: promotion and development of micro, small and medium enterprises including enhancement of their competitiveness through various activities.
The Institute has conducted a total of 9,822 different training programmes covering 2,54,289 participants which includes 163 International training programmes with 2,586 participants from more than 125 countries till 31st March 2014.