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Inuit offers affordable software solutions to SMEs

Bengaluru, Oct 23 (KNN) Inuit Cloud Technologies is set to launch I-nu-It, an affordable software on the cloud that will provide an affordable, easy and quick software solution to over 18 million small and medium enterprises in India.

SMEs in India driving 40 per cent GDP of the country cannot afford expensive solutions and therefore need to have quick and simple software to automate their business processes, said a press release.

Speaking of their offering which will be launched on November-1, CEO of I-nu-IT Cloud Technologies M H Narasimhan explained how I-nu-It provides the 5-12-5 advantage to SMEs of India.
“…for negligible Rs 5 per day per user the 12 critical metrics of any organization like order processing, purchases, inventory, deliveries, sales, payments, receipts etc, are covered and implemented in just 5 days’ time,” he said.
The best part of Inuit, a brainchild of CTO of Inuit Cloud Technologies Sharath Chander Punthambekar is that it requires no license fees, no implementation fees, no customisation fees, no maintenance fees, no enhancement fees, no version up grade fees and no consultant fees.
According to Punthambekar, India lacks access to affordable information to manage day to day operations.  Ease in navigation using behaviour driven development approach of agile methodologies is assured in the software.