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KVI programme for hill, border & left wing extremism affected areas

New Delhi, Sept 11  The government will be providing financial assistance to implement the Khadi and Village Industry (KVI) programme in the hill, border and left wing extremism affected areas under ADB assisted Khadi Reform Development Programme (KRDP).

“Government of India has launched Khadi and Village Industry (KVI) Programme in the hill, border and left wing extremism (LWE) affected areas in respect of 100 institutions with financial assistance amounting to Rs.76 crore i.e. Rs.76 lakhs/institution to be met out of the savings of Rs 134.72 crore within the overall fund of USD 150 million from ADB towards Khadi Reform Development Programme (KRDP),” an official release from the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises said today.

Under the KVI programme, the government would relax the criteria about the category of the institutions to be covered under KRDP from A+, A and B category to include C category also.

Further, it would also relax the condition of registration of a minimum of 200 artisans with the institution for the hill, border and left wing extremism (LWE) affected areas, it said.
However, there are certain conditions prescribed for the institutions to be assisted in the hill, border and LWE affected districts. 

The institutions should implement the programme in a composite manner i.e. production and marketing.  They should also satisfy the categorization norms of KVIC and belong to any of the category among A+, A, B and C.

Further, the institution should be willing to strive to provide work to minimum 50 new/additional persons living in that area. It should arrange adequate land or building to accommodate the infrastructure envisaged in the programme.

According to the release, preference will be given to institutions engaged in the implementation of Khadi Programme in these areas for at least three years.  As far as payment to artisans is concerned, the institutions should do the same through bank accounts / post office account.

The assistance provided under Direct Reform Assistance (DRA) for the institutions under the hill, border and LWE districts will be for both production reforms and marketing reforms.

Under production reforms, financial assistance will be provided for implements (charkhas); Common Facility Centres (CFC) (Ready wrap, yarn dyeing, fabric printing, readymade garments facilities, testing laboratories, Services and maintenance etc ); Workshed for CFC; IT and Managerial [Computer and remuneration to Reform implementation officer], training; installation; and margin money for working capital. All of this would amount to Rs 56 lakhs.

With regard to marketing reforms, financial assistance will be provided for store layout, inventory management and local publicity amounting to Rs 20 lakhs.  The grand total for production and marketing reforms would amount to Rs 76 lakhs.

Source : http://www.knnindia.co.in