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Leading manufacturers showcase their exquisite fabrics in Colombo

Leading manufacturers showcase their exquisite fabrics in Colombo

Published On : 10 Sep 13 17:37


Chennai, Sept 10 (KNN)  In a bid to promote fabrics and made-ups of all fibres, a mega event, India International Fabric Expo - Colombo 2013 was held in Sri Lanka from September-8 to 10th.

“To promote the business and export of fabrics manufactures by the decentralized powerloom sector of the country, the Power loom Development and Export Promotion Council (PDEXCIL), which is set up by the Ministry of textiles, Government of India in the year 1955, has organized a mega event, ‘India International Fabric Expo- Colombo 2013’…”said a press release.

Fabrics and made-ups of all fibres base of 53 leading manufacturers from all parts of India were displayed during the event.  

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between both the governments was signed through its concerned secretaries, on co-operation in the development of SMEs in handloom, power loom and textiles and promotion of trade, during the inaugural event.

Leading garment manufacturers of the Sri Lanka are likely to use Indian fabrics which are of international quality.

The PDEXCIL delegation also met with the Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of Sri Lanka to discuss issues regarding promotion of trade and joint ventures between the businessmen of both the countries.

Taxation issues and quota on garment export from Sri Lanka to India were also discussed during this meeting when the Secretary promised to extend full support.

He is likely to invite PDEXCIL to Sri Lanka within a month for direct interaction with garment manufacturers of Sri Lanka so that they can source out its fabrics requirement from them under their duty free scheme.

The event saw about 1900 leading garment manufacturers, whole-sellers and institutional buyers of Sri Lanka. The committed and future business was estimated to be worth about USD 21 million and likely to reach about USD 30-35 million by the end of the expo.

Most of the exhibitors have been invited by the Sri Lankan garment manufacturers to their units to finalize MoUs for supply of the fabrics.

The event which evoked tremendous response among the textile trade and importers of Sri Lanka has made a positive impact of the quality and versatility of Indian textiles.