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Lendingkart launches co-lending SaaS platform for financial institutions, banks, NBFCs

Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited has announced the launch of its co-lending SaaS platform called Lendingkart 2gthr. This will enable banks and NBFCs to on-board within two weeks and disburse unsecured loans to MSMEs across India.

The platform will enable co-lenders to initiate processing loan applications with end to end funnel visibility and control. Co-lenders can review and approve loans through a custom dashboard which provides information and insights enabling real time decision making.

Lendingkart collaborated with Banks & NBFCs in a risk sharing partnership to assist them in extending their reach to remotely located MSMEs across India. Lendingkart 2gthr provides enhanced loan management capabilities, credit underwriting model and flexibility to configure co-lender specific policy rules to support all stages from origination to disbursal.

It not only provides access to MSMEs across India, but also drives business efficiencies by leveraging the recent increased adoption of technologies via digital mediums (mobile app/ website), e-kyc, and power capabilities such as OCR, real-time fraud triggers, verification to support the origination and loan delivery especially in the post lockdown new normal, where the contactless delivery has become the preferential approach.

In a statement, Harshvardhan Lunia, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Lendingkart Technologies said, “Our objective has been to enhance credit penetration adn this is a stepping stone in that direction. It addresses all the requirements of Banks and NBFCs that are precursors for them to diversify in the MSME segment and provide a one stop solution."

"With the goal of creating seamless access to financing, Northern Arc Capital has integrated its digital platform Nimbus with Lendingkart’s co-lending platform. This allows us to deliver credit offerings to MSME’s across the country," said, Kshama Fernandes, MD & CEO, Northern Arc Capital, in a statement.