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Luxembourg trade Ambassador woos industry

LUDHIANA: Projecting Luxembourg to be an ideal entry point to European market, GastonStronk, Ambassador of Luxembourg said today said the country can be used as a passport to the region. 

Stronk was speaking here during an interactive session organised by PHD
Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Flanked by France, Germany, Netherlands, Stronk said, "You can reach 60 per cent of EU 
GDP just by choosing Luxembourg as an entry point, with EU being a single market with 350 million consumers." 

Boasting of the best logistics set up in the world, said Stronk, Luxembourg was equipped with highly skilled multi-lingual work force making it a natural choice for investors. 

The favourable and legal framework of regulations, he said are, more to support and sustain rather than refrain and limit. 

Citing amongst the five main reasons to choose Luxembourg, Stronk said, it is a leading international financial centre besides being equipped with the availability of sophisticated investment vehicles besides being the number one investment fund centre in Europe, and being number one for listing of international bonds in Europe. 

Sharing that Luxembourg looks forward to be a more strategic partner with India, Stronk shared that strong market dynamics, enabling 
environment for investments and most importantly, the government commitment to market driven growth makes Luxembourg a perfect investment destination. 

The attractive 
taxation for employees, low social contributions for employers, possibility of tax consolidation, flexible company law, no red tape, and easy access to decision makers, makes Luxembourg an ideal investment destination. 

Indicating that the future prospects for trade and investment between our countries are significant, Dalip Sharma, Regional Director, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the inbuilt complimentary of the economies of both Louxembourg and India offers innumerable opportunities and it is important that we build on the existing strong relations.