MSMC produced 6,299 metric tonnes minerals till Dec 12

NAGPUR: The state-owned Maharashtra State Mining Corporation (MSMC) today said it has produced 6,299 metric tonnes of minerals till the third quarter of fiscal year 2012-13. 

MSMC had produced 18,527 metric tonnes of minerals during the year 2011-12 and had earned a revenue of Rs 235.10 lakhs from its sale, official sources said today. 

Till December 2012, MSMC produced 6,299 metric tonnes of minerals and earned Rs 156 lakhs from sale, General Manager, 
Premchand Tambhurne told PTI. 

The company came into existence in 1999 and has been operating in 10 mining belts having minerals like dolomite, iron ore, limestone, silimanite, kainite and others. 

MSMC has received funding from State government to the tune of Rs 424.17 crores out of actual dues of Rs 745.44 crores from the Mineral Development Funds, during the 13 years span from 1999-2012, offcial sources said. 

It utilised Rs 298.80 crores towards mineral development and 972 projects in the entire state. 

Nagpur district, Rs 49.12 crores were being spent on various developmental projects, sources added.