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MSME Minister launches Employment Exchange for industries

New Delhi, June 15 : Union MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra launched the Employment Exchange - an online platform where job seekers can find employers or vice-versa - for the industry here today. On the sidelines of the event Mishra spoke about the economic growth and development during the Modi regime.

While inaugurating the Digital Launch Ceremony of Employment Exchange for Industries, the Minister said India has successfully come back on track of economic progress and the Central Government has created an environment of growth and prosperity.

Recalling his interaction with the industry stalwarts at a conference on MSMEs where they raised concerns of lack of skilled workforce not only for them but also for their suppliers, which are usually MSME units.

Talking to the media, Mishra said large units who are dependent on MSMEs as suppliers need high quality output, which in the absence of skilled manpower results in non-competitiveness of MSMEs and Indian industry as a whole.
He said that unemployment youth or even those who are employed have continuously expressed that they are not aware about suitable opportunities particularly in the manufacturing sector at worker or operative level.

Addressing at the launch ceremony, Mishra emphasised that in our country there has been momentum on skilling to reap the demographic dividend. But unless these skilled hands do not find appropriate jobs and the appropriate employer, it will lead to frustration and scepticism to the entire skilling programme of this country. Therefore, it is utmost important that these skilled hands get a platform where they can find livelihoods for themselves and feel proud that they play their role in creation of empowered India.

Highlighting the practical problem before the gathering, he said that typical way of finding factory workers is to put up a poster next to the unit and hope that some unemployed skilled person would see it. While this may have worked in the past, but this is no longer an efficient way in this digital age, he said.

The minister stated that his team at the MInistery of MSME has done an in-depth study and found that while there are players in the private sector, who are trying to cater to the need to unemployed or employed people, but their services are largely focussed for the white collared urban population.

In view of above and in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of digital India, Ministry of MSME has developed employment exchange for industries – an online platform where job seekers can find employers or vice-versa.

Concluding his address, Mishra invited the Indian youth and the industry to make use of the employment exchange for industry by using their website.