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MSME-powered startup, Lal10, records Rs 200 cr revenue run rate

On its way to digitising Indian textile based MSMEs for global B2B wholesale, Lal10, has announced rapid growth, achieving a revenue run rate of over Rs 200 crore. The company’s DNA of understanding manufacturing from the bottom-up for a few years has helped them tap unheard of margins in cross border trade.

It grew over 12x in the past nine months alone and is progressing towards rapid growth in the next few quarters. This run rate comes on the heels of its expanding number of mid-to.

Along with the increase in revenue, the company has digitised and given a globally relevant makeover to over 2200 Indian MSMEs with an aim to onboard another 12,500 MSMEs over the next three years. The onboarding will help Lal10 further consolidate its supplier base and digitally activate their supply chains to be able to play in the global markets at scale. The end-to-end design- to delivery technology ecosystem has translated into increasingly captive manufacturing units which allows Lal10 to.

In a statement, Maneet Gohil, co-Founder and CEO of Lal10, said, “We never realised the goldmine we were sitting on until we started utilising the recently raised capital in setting up cross-border operations for sales and marketing. Today we work with some of the largest marquee brands in the US, UK and Japan. The hero for us has become our differentiated textile products that are craft based and sustainable. The buyers have never had access to these fabrics at this scale before and according.