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MSME Schemes: Everything about Providing Assistance to Training Institutions

An old adage says, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Learning is a non-stop process. Even if you feel that you have all the skills necessary for your business, there are constant technological and regulatory updates that needs to be learnt. Upskilling is a very important and a constant process in one's life to ensure growth, especially when you are an entrepreneur and need to know all facets of your business to be able to run it  .. 

Train to grow! 
So, as a part of the MSME industry, how can you acquire the necessary skills that is required to successfully operate your MSME business and grow at an organic rate? The easiest way is to attend session at a training institute which imparts all the necessary skills for the same. 

However, careers are evolving on a regular basis and so is training. With the change in job trends and evolving vocational careers, even training institutes need to upskill with the change in job trends. 

There are various training institutions which impart entrepreneurial development courses which help budding entrepreneurs learn the skills and the tricks of the trade. However, for providing the competitive skills, the training institutes must be equipped with the best-in-class infrastructure and faculty along with cutting-edge technology. 

The scheme offers financial assistance to training institutions so that they can create and/or strengthen their infrastructure which would support them to conduct programs of skill development and entrepreneurship development for entrepreneurs. The financial assistance is given in the form of capital grants. 

The amount of capital grant allowed depends on the use of the funds and the location of the institute. According to the rules prescribed in the Assistance to Training Institutions S ..