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MSMEs await MSEFC portal to become operational

 New Delhi, May 16 (KNN) The MSEFC portal that was launched last month by the MSME Ministry to help track and monitor delayed payments is not functioning well, complains MSME entrepreneur.  

The problem of delayed payment has been an important concern with the industry, especially the MSME sector but the portal is doing no good to address the concern.

Talking to KNN, Amit Jain a U.P based MSME Entrepreneur informed about the problems he had been facing with the MSEFC portal.

He said that while the portal was made last year and after almost one year of beta testing and the official launch, even now there are many states that are not on the portal.

To check the status of a delayed payment on the portal, the user is supposed to enter their Udyog Aadhar ID or the unique case number given by the State Facilitation Councils. Jain said that in the case of Uttar Pradesh, no unique case numbers are given on the applications to them. Therefore he tried accessing the portal using the Udyog Aadhar number but the portal didn’t show any records.

“The portal is not serving the purpose for which it was made, all it does is it keep on showing some ‘junk’ values indicating the total number of cases the portal have registered and have solved. When the entrepreneurs are not even able to access the records, how can the portal claim to have solved so many cases” Jain, Chairman, Dayachand Engineering, Meerut, asked.

Jain said that the portal certainly needs a version 2.0 with a better database and inclusion of all the states in order  to facilitate the purpose for which it was launched.