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MSMEs in Bihar peeved from attitude of Banks

The attitude of banks towards MSMEs remains one  of the major challenges in States like Bihar. 

A central publicity drive team has traversed the states of Haryana, Uttar  Pradesh and Bihar to raise awareness about MSME schemes which was  flagged off by MSME Minister Naryana Rane on 27th November, 2021. 

The Bihar chapter of the drive took place on Wednesday where they spoke to  entrepreneurs about their challenges and problems, and today the team has  reached Patna for a programme, as published in United News of India. 

Harendra Pratap Singh, Deputy Director (Publicity) and Chief Editor of „Laghu  Udhyog Samachar? were the senior officials of the team who headed the first  meeting in Buxar near Jyoti Chowk and the second in District Industries  Centre in Bihar. 

Entrepreneurs shared their problems and anguish over bankers? attitude in the  meeting with the central team facilitated by Bhojpur Chamber of Commerce. 

They also urged the Ministry of MSME to conduct more training programmes  and works which will be advantageous for the entrepreneurs. 

Many women showed interest in knowing more about the MSME schemes  and how could they avail it.


Dr. Harish Yadav, Assistant Director (Publicity); Pravin Dhurve and Manjari  Kumari are also a part of the MSME scheme publicity team.