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“MSMEs not just economic contributors, but heartbeat of India’s economic landscape”

Now, with the dawn of ‘Amrit Kaal’, India is at the threshold of a transformative journey, one which will translate into attaining an economic stature of $35-45 trillion by 2047.

G20 India: Today India is the world’s fifth-largest economy with over 63 million MSMEs- all voicing the age-old legacy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning that the whole world is one single family. The 5000-year Indian civilization is quintessential of this legacy of oneness which has been sustained all these years by promising pillars of trade, exchange of ideas, and science.

For India, it signifies more than just a slogan; it encapsulates a profound commitment to nurturing global harmony and collective responsibility. And as India steps into the role of G20 Presidency, this theme takes centre stage, illuminating the nation’s dedication to international collaboration.

Now, with the dawn of ‘Amrit Kaal’, India is at the threshold of a transformative journey, one which will translate into attaining an economic stature of $35-45 trillion by 2047.

India’s G20 Presidency: MSMEs and the Dawn of ‘Amrit Kaal’

Amrit Kaal, as envisioned by the Indian government, is more than just a period of economic prosperity; it signifies a pivotal moment when India ascends to centre stage on the global platform, poised to play a decisive role in shaping international policies and trade dynamics. In this transformative era, the significance of India’s MSMEs of Bharat cannot be overstated. These small businesses are not just economic contributors; they are the heartbeat of India’s economic landscape.

Consider this: MSMEs contribute 33% to India’s GDP and employ 49% of the workforce. Hence, they emerge as the driving force behind the nation’s aspirations. They embody the spirit of resilience and inclusivity, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, where every nation, regardless of its size, contributes to the global family. Especially with India’s G20 Presidency, the role of MSMEs becomes even more pronounced, for they symbolize not only economic growth but also the spirit of unity and cooperation that defines India’s global vision.

E-Commerce platforms: MSMEs’ Gateway to Global Prosperity

As India strides forward to becoming a global superpower by 2047, e-commerce enablement platforms are serving as catalysts for MSMEs’ journey towards global prosperity during India’s G20 Presidency. In perfect alignment with Prime Minister Modi’s call for WTO reform and digital trade advocacy at the G20, these platforms play an indispensable role in facilitating MSMEs’ seamless embrace of digital trade. Beyond merely serving as online marketplaces, they offer secure, efficient, and trustworthy mechanisms for online transactions.

Traditionally, MSMEs often struggled to access a broader consumer base due to their limited physical reach. However, e-commerce platforms eliminate these barriers, allowing even the smallest businesses to showcase their products and services to a global audience. They serve as the bridge that connects traditional artisans in remote corners of India to customers worldwide, fostering a sense of inclusivity and unity that resonates with the essence of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family.

A Superpower by 2047: The Audacious Dream

As we embrace the audacious dream of India becoming a superpower by 2047, we find ourselves at the threshold of what is undeniably ‘India’s century.’ In this era, where every facet of our existence is intertwined with technology and innovation, the building blocks of this new-age ecosystem are deeply rooted in digital advancements. In this transformative journey, the government’s role in harnessing existing components and forging new platforms cannot be overstated.

Initiatives like the ONDC hold the promise of fundamentally altering the landscape for small merchants across India. Imagine a world where consumers can effortlessly discover any seller, product, or service through any compatible app or platform—a true game-changer in decentralized eCommerce. Embracing cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation, and leveraging digital advancements, are pivotal in propelling India to the ranks of the world’s largest economies.

This audacious dream of becoming the third or fourth-largest economy globally rooted in ambition, unity, and unwavering commitment, sets the stage for India’s century—a time when the nation’s influence extends far beyond its borders, echoing the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and redefining the global landscape in the process.