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MSMEs to get boost with set-top indigenisation plan

New Delhi, Jun 3 (KNN)  In a move that will help the MSME sector significantly,  the new Government will encourage  indigenization of set-top boxes which are used for cable television and the Ministry of MSME would be involved in the initiative along with the support from the Finance Ministry, according to I and B Minister, Prakash Javadkar.  

The I and B Ministry would “work with MSME and there needs to be some concession from finance ministry, so we will talk to the finance ministry. And we need certain decisions from commerce ministry," a media report quoting Javadkar said.  

Even as the timeline for implementing digitization was close the government would like to check the feasibility of domestic production first so being assessed from the viewer's perspective.  

For analog TV sets to shift to digital ones all across the country, as many as 12 crore set-top boxes are needed during the next six months.  The Minister said that he would discuss the issue with the Ministries of Finance and MSME.

Given that India currently imports from Hong Kong, Korea and China, the Minister said that the domestic industry should be developed, thereby saving on foreign exchange.