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NALCO considering lending its brand name to downstream MSMEs: CMD

 Bhubaneswar, Aug 14 (KNN) NALCO is considering lending its brand name for downstream micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) dealing with aluminium applications, said Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand, CMD of leading aluminium producer NALCO.

“While Nalco provides a large market for the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of Odisha and has supported the growth of the sector as a responsible Mother Plant, the company is now considering lending its brand name for downstream MSME industries dealing with aluminium applications, he said while addressing the participants at the 31st Annual State level Convention of Odisha Assembly of Small & Medium Enterprises.

This would not only boost the small and medium scale industries of the State but would help these industries using NALCO aluminium, to push their products from local to global market, he added.

Citing the example of the aluminium industry, Dr. Chand said that globally there are around 3,000 applications of aluminium in use but in India, while aluminium is limited to only 300 usages and most of them are imported. Development of ancillary industries can help address this issue and also enhance the use of aluminium in different sectors.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Chand further said that although the per unit employment average in MSME in Odisha is 5.2 compared to national average of 2.3, this sector needs handholding by the Government & large industries for its growth and development.

Dr Chand stressed on the need to ensure market for the products of MSME sectors, which can be achieved by enhancing the purchase power of individuals through gainful employment. Besides, proper infrastructure, raw material availability and affordable input energy rates for making products cost competitive are crucial