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Ni MSME to conduct training program on 'Solar PV grid Connected Power Plants' for start ups & enterpreneurs

Hyderabad, May 14 (KNN) National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) Hyderabad, will conduct short-term course on Solar PV Grid Connected Power Plants (Installation & Business opportunities)  for start-ups, entrepreneurs and managers of project developers, implementing agencies and students.

The three day program will begin from May 27 and will focus on solar power projects design and development.

The participants will gain knowledge and will have the opportunity to interact with highly experienced renewable energy project managers, technicians, and experts on site & resource assessment, system sizing, project planning, accurate energy yield assessment, best practice in design and installation etc.

Students, Start-ups, Budding and Prospective Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers and officers from project developers, implementing agencies and EPC companies involved in development of solar power projects can apply for this training program.