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Not all is well with Ease of doing business Haribhai (MoS MSME)

 New Delhi, Apr 28 (KNN) The Government has been pushing its agenda for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in the country to usher trade and export, yet not many states are able to facilitate the ease of doing business for the MSMEs, said Haribhai Parthibhai Chaudhary, MoS for MSMEs.

“I am a businessman myself and I have been hearing from various sources that the MSME entrepreneurs in many states face a lot of difficulty in getting things done such as obtaining a registration number, getting an electricity connection, etc.” said the Minister.

The Minister was addressing an all-state meeting with the Ministers and Secretaries of MSME, Khadi and Coir in New Delhi.

KNN has raised similar concerns of various MSME entrepreneurs regarding the difficulty the have been facing despite government claims of ease of doing business. Earlier this month KNN reported the case of Naveen Jain, An MSME entrepreneur from Muzaffarnagar who have been trying for the same since last two years, but couldn’t till date.

Also various entrepreneurs from Uttar Pradesh have complained the problem they face in tender procurement. 

Haribhai emphasized the need to equip the sector. “The Indian vessel Mangalyaan sent on mars had around 12 parts that were made by the MSMEs, this shows the expertise of our sector, we just need to facilitate their growth” added the minister.

Stating  the need to empower the sector with loans, he suggested that the States must organize meetings with the Lead Bank every two months to ensure that the banks are extending loans whenever required to the MSMEs.

He also informed that under that the Government of India has vested fresh powers in the hands of the MPs to monitor whether or not the schemes by the Central Government are implemented well by the States. In case they fail in doing so, the MPs reserve the power to take appropriate action against them.