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PepsiCo welcomes setting up of bureau for water use efficiency

NEW DELHI: The government's move to set upNational Bureau of Water Use Efficiency will help in efficient use of water in various sectors and bring stakeholders for a co-ordinated effort, according to beverages and snacks majorPepsiCo India. 

"India is a water stressed geography and we believe that there is a need for establishing standards and benchmarks for efficient water use by all sectors and a framework for incentivising and rewarding those who promote water use efficiency in all sectors including industry and agriculture," the company said in a statement. 

Commenting on the move by 
Ministry of Water Resources to establish a National Bureau of Water Use Efficiency, it said: "The initiative will provide the impetus for bringing all stakeholders together for a coordinated effort in this direction." 

The bureau has been envisaged to be an authority for promotion, regulation and control of efficient use of water in irrigation, municipal and industrial uses. 

"PepsiCo expects that this initiative will help address the capability deficit in the water sector by building and sharing knowledge, best practices on water efficient technologies and benchmarks for water consumption," it said. 

The availability of such a repository in the public domain will help spur adoption by other users, PepsiCo said.