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PHD Chamber to host exhibitions under Make in India scheme-2015-16

New Delhi, Dec-30 The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has sanctioned eight international exhibitions to PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the government’s Market Access Initiatives (MAI) Scheme for fiscal 2015-16 to promote Make in India in countries such as Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Malaysia.

The Department of Commerce has asked the Chamber to set up an India Pavilion in aforesaid countries and lead a national level participation from India in these exhibitions to also promote B2B between the right stakeholders, beginning April 2015 to March 2016, an official release said.

President, PHD Chamber, Alok B Shriram said that the Chamber would use and utilize all its expertise and experience to best showcase Indian products made out from MSMEs sector in the countries mentioned above and promote the Make in India to further deepen its external engagements.

He said that the Chamber would exhibit and showcase India’s industrial strength and its potential at St. Petersburg, Russia in April 2015 in products such agri products, organic, footwear, hats, leather products, kids wear, toys, books, craftworks, jewellery, accessories, perfumery and cosmetics, gardener’s goods, household goods, outdoor activities goods, hunting and fishing goods, health products, food and beverages, tea and coffee, honey, cold drinks, linen clothes and footwear of modern design for the whole family, linen knitting, summer headwear, linen in interior and for kitchen, kerchiefs, wraps, bags, accessories for linen and knitting.

Likewise, India trade fair pavilion would be put up at Colombo, Sri Lanka in May 2015 in which products made in India of aforesaid nature would be promoted.  In June 2015, the PHD Chamber would showcase similar products in Dhaka, Bangladesh which would be followed by another such events in Beijing in China and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Rawalpindi in Pakistan.