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Planning Commission mulls to make Yojana Bhawan green

NEW DELHI: After its last project of installing clean toilets in its building drew considerable flak, Planning Commission now wishes to go green. But it's playing safe this time, and unlike the Rs 35-lakh toilet renovation scheme, the commission doesn't intend to spend money from its pocket on its new venture. 

Trying to set up an example for other government organisations, the commission is retrofitting the 
Yojana Bhawan to convert it into a 5-star energy-efficient building, complying with BEE's (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) standards. 

It has also requested the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to set up a 150-kw solar rooftop power plant. "Constructed several years ago, government buildings are major guzzlers of power. 

There is resistance in the government sector against energy efficiency because it is commercial in nature. So, we decided to come up with a model that will help us go green without spending any extra money," said AK Jain, advisor (Energy), Planning Commission. On the directions of the commission, BEE has roped in an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to do a baseline study of energy use of the building. 

On its basis, it will retrofit the building with energy-efficient equipment such as super-efficient fans, low-watt LEDs and air conditioners, double gaze windows and motion sensors, etc. The difference in the amount of electricity bill, pre and post retrofitting, would be paid to ESCO. 

The current energy usage of Yojana Bhawan is 850 kwh per annum. Through this initiative, the commission is trying to reduce its power takeoff from the grid by 33%.