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PM calls for investment in skills and support for MSEs

New Delhi, Dec 6 (KNN)  Faced with the challenge of meeting rising aspirations of people and of ensuring political sustainability of high growth, the government has defined a new six element strategy which includes investment in skills and support for private enterprise, especially small and micro enterprises.
This was stated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he addressed the Hindustan Times Summit 2013, here today.
The other five elements in the government’s strategy of growth which is widely termed as ‘Inclusive Growth,’ are investment in rural development such as rural infrastructure (roads and electricity), rural health, education and remunerative prices for rural produce; increased public and private investment in education and health care, with a focus on the education and health of  young girls and young women; livelihood, food and energy security for the poor; a more transparent and responsive government made answerable to people through the Right to Information; and public investment in public transport, especially urban mass transportation. 
“Taken together, these interventions have made our growth processes more socially inclusive,” he said, although he could not deny that there remained many challenges and problems and weaknesses in implementation.
The biggest challenge in trying to sustain the process of inclusive growth, he said has been to bring rates of inflation down and keep the fiscal deficit under control.
“These remain a challenge and I admit that they are being seriously addressed,” he said.