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Prominent young entrepreneurs to be part of Delhi meet

NEW DELHI: Several of the world's most prominent young entrepreneurs are all set to come together in India this month to share their ideas, expertise and success stories. 

Power of Youth, based in 
Edinburgh, Scotland, will host its third global summit in New Delhi from October 22-27, which will be attended by around 30 award-winning, phenomenal entrepreneurs under 35 years of age with average turnovers of 2.7 million USD from across the world. 

External Affairs 
Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, today met with some of the young entrepreneurs who will be involved in the event and announced 5,500 pounds fundingtowards the summit. 

Among those who attended the meeting were 
Arif Shafi and Humeera Qayoom, young entrepreneurs from Kashmir who have received support to set up sustainable small enterprises through the Scottish Government's South Asia International Development Fund. 

The event, Yousaf said, will provide a platform for emerging Scottish entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and test and push their commercial thinking among a global network of peers. 

"Across the globe 
Scotland is recognised as a pioneering nation, one that pushes boundaries, and as a great place to do and grow business. We only have to look at some of the innovation and inventions that were born in Scotland from the television and the telephone to the pneumatic tyre and animal cloning," he said, adding he was excited to see what comes from next week's summit. 

The funding is the latest in a series of steps 
Scottish Government has taken to encourage youth entrepreneurship. 

The minister added that Scotland, being a good global citizen, is determined to play its part in addressing the challenges facing the world and helping some of its poorest people. 

"We have demonstrated our commitment to doing that by increasing our international development budget to nine million pounds - a small proportion of which has supported Arif and Humeera to get their own 
small business ideas off the ground and contribute towards sustainable economic development within their community," the minister added. 

Prior to this, Global Summit took place in China and 
South Africa. 

Director of Power of Youth 
Adam Purvis maintained that leaders and role models set the tone for generations. 

He said their aim was to identify authentic entrepreneurial role models that the next generation can relate to.