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Reg Tech revolution: Unlocking efficiency and compliance for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is a rapidly growing sector in India and remains attractive due to various benefits offered by the government for promoting participation and innovation in this sector.

The benefits do not in any manner reduce the fulfilment and adherence to compliances, which if taken lightly, could also result in imprisonment of key personnel.

Compliance is always viewed as a cost to an organisation hence the consistent approach to simplify fulfilment at the lowest cost possible making this a sweet spot for innovative technology solutions, and even more important.

“Reg Tech” is a common jargon in recent times which refers to regulatory compliance technology which could vary from simple tools which list the various compliances that an organization must adhere to in a checklist pattern to complex integrated platforms which use a combination of source systems and manual intervention to complete the end-to-end cycle of compliance fulfilment process. Different solutions are available for organizations to choose from based on suitability and budget.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) require different forms of assistance in the area of compliance due to their sensitivity to costs. This assistance includes determining which compliance regulations apply to them, understanding the compliance process, knowing the timelines for fulfilling requirements throughout the year, having a storage and retrieval system for compliance documents from multiple years, readily accessing various forms and formats, implementing an alert mechanism to avoid.