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Reliance Infrastructure to digitise customer services in 71 Bihar towns, help cut losses

KOLKATA: Nitish Kumar's Bihar will engage Anil Ambani's firm to digitise customer service in 71 towns for the notoriously loss-making Bihar State Electricity Board(BSEB). BSEB is embarking upon a Rs 185-crore IT implementation project that will allow the ailing utility to reduce losses, improve billing and plan load distribution for some 12 lakh consumers. Most of these tasks are now carried out manually. 

Reliance Infrastructure has bagged the project and will complete it within one-and-a-half years. The project will include automatic meter reading implementation for high-end consumers. 

"R-Infra's Bihar IT implementation project will cover two discoms of Bihar - North and South Bihar - totalling 71 towns. The project will help in automating business processes of Bihar's SEBs using IT platforms, which will result in enhanced customer service, reduction in power theft, revenue realisation and improved efficiency," an executive said. 

The project will involve implementation of key IT technologies like geographical information system (GIS) and network service provision will result in a drastic improvement in network. Real time monitoring and energy audit will further ensure reduction of losses. As a result of this, the cost of subsidy will be reduced and this will reduce tariffs for consumers. Apart from this, R-Infra will carry out system integration (SI) for utilities and deploy key applications, including management information system, document management system, asset management, IT infrastructure, network & IT security. It will ensure faster execution and more accountability to stakeholders. 

R-Infra will also train the resources of utilities for all its IT applications to help them become IT savvy. After the completion of the project, R-Infra will carry out management & maintenance of system for five years. 

The company is executing IT consultancy and implementation projects for utilities in Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Maharashtra and Karnataka. This is R-Infra's ninth project under the government's R-APDRP Programme. "R-Infra is executing an IT Implementation projects in Chhattisgarh, six supervisory control and data acquisition consultancy projects for utilities in Haryana, Chandigarh, Maharashtra and Bihar; and IT consultancy project for Karnataka," he said.