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SABIC signs research deal with Indian-Australian IITB-Monash

DUBAI: India-Australian research academyIITB-Monash and one of Saudi Arabia's largest companies, SABIC, has signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement to develop advanced technologies to meet the needs of various sectors.

The partnership will allow both organisations to mutually develop advanced technologies into innovative solutions that meet global needs and demands, the company said. 

The scope of collaboration will extend to all of SABIC's technology and innovation centres worldwide, it said. 

"This latest agreement with IITB-Monash represents an important step forward in our global commitment to advancing technologies and responding to the needs of society across a range of technology sectors," SABIC's Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation,
Ernesto Occhiello, said. 

This partnership is as an expansion of SABIC's existing relationship with IITB-Monash, and will deliver a much closer association that will enable the world class research teams of both organisations to work together in their respective research areas, it said. 

"At SABIC, we empower our people and reward them for innovative and pioneering work undertaken collaboratively with our customers and research partners. IITB-Monash has a similar 'can do' culture to 
SABIC and we look forward to embarking on this new journey with them," SABIC General Manager for Technology and Innovation highlights, Frank Kuijpers, said. 

The IITB-Monash Research Academy is a graduate research school located in Mumbai and operates as an independent, autonomous research institution. 

Earlier this week, IITB-Monash and SABIC joined forces to produce graduates with highly specialised knowledge required by the advanced chemicals and polymers industry.