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Samsung targets Rs 3,500 crore electronics business this festive season in India

NEW DELHI: South Korean electronic giantSamsung is targeting sales of around Rs 3,500 crore this festive season in India, an increase of 40 per cent from the corresponding period last year. 

"Our target is Rs 3,500 crore sales during this festive season for the 
electronics division," Samsung India Senior Vice President Atul Jain told PTI. 

The company, which today launched two new versions of its Ultra HD Television sets with screen sizes of 55-inch and 65-inch priced at Rs 3.24 lakh and Rs 4.35 lakh, is already upbeat after touching its Rs 250 crore sales target in
Kerala during Onam festive season this year. 

"We have almost completed our sales target of Rs 250 crore sales in Kerala," he said adding that still few days are left for the conclusion in the Onam sales. 

During the festive season, Samsung India has enhanced its portfolio by launching technology and new innovation based products. 

According to Jain, the new Ultra HD sets would come with an 'upgrade kit', which would keep the TV sets updated with the latest software and hardware developments. 

"Globally, standards of the Ultra HD sets are yet to be defined and it would keep changing till it is settled. And if a customer buys a Utra HD sets and next year standards are changed, then in such situation, his set would be outdated," he said. 

"However, the new 'upgrade kit' which is of the size of a mobile phone and installed on the back of set would keep the TV updated with the changing standards," said Jain, adding that Samsung is the first one to provide such a kit. 

As part of its sales target, the company is aiming to garner Rs 400 crore sales in the Eastern region in the upcoming festival season. To boost prospects, the company is offering freebies like assured gifts between September 15 to November 10 to achieve the target. 

Samsung has also launched some products like side-by-side frost free refrigerator, sleek floor standing air conditioner and smart micro oven - which company claims uses a combination of grill with warm air circulation. 

The company claims that it uses jet engine technology and three spiral airflows to cool or warm a large area quickly in its sleek floor standing air conditioner. 

"Based on our enhanced product portfolio and our Samsung Home, Happy Home promotion, I am confident that we can achieve a sales turnover of Rs 400 crore in the East during the festival season," said Jain.