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Sanskriti University & MSME- PPDC Agra organizes awareness programme on entrepreneurship

Sanskriti University organizes an awareness programme on entrepreneurship in association with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - Process and Product Development Centre (MSME- PPDC Agra). 

The session was organized for students to learn about the government schemes available for starting a business.

The programme was intended to motivate students to choose a creative path and become leaders of their own skills.

While interacting with students, MK Sharma, the assistant director of MSME- PPDC Agra said, "Entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise, along with any of its uncertainties in order to make a profit. The most prominent example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses”. 

Entrepreneurship is an ever-expanding industry, it is the process of action and following small steps you can achieve the goal. 

Entrepreneurship generates employment. It provides an entry-level job, required for gaining experience and training for unskilled workers. 

Sachin Gupta, the Chancellor of Sanskriti University, said, "It was a very informative session, entrepreneurship has been a buzzword in the current economic scenario, and it's important for us to talk about it and make our students aware about it, so we as academicians are inviting the young generations to focus more and more on entrepreneurship."