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Seminar and vendor registration with NPCIL in Surat

Surat,  Feb 11 (KNN)  With a view to identifying emerging demands of buyer organizations while simultaneously providing an opportunity for displaying the capabilities of the small scale entrepreneurs and their industrial ventures, a state level seminar and vendor development programme has been organised here today.
The programme which will provide a common platform for business as well as selling organizations to interact with each other will support vendor registration process with Nuclear Power Corporation India Limited at the Kakarapar site here.
The event has been organised by the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI), MSME Development Institute, Ahmedabad and Surat Engineering Vikas Association.
All micro and small, medium and large enterprises can participate in vendor development programmes.
NPCIL has taken several initiatives to spread the message of nuclear power as environmentally safe, economic and long term source of energy.  It regularly holds vendors’ meets and public awareness programmes.
Vendor Development Programmes (VDPs) are being organized by MSME Development Institutes located in various parts of the country.   Such programmes have proved to be of immense use in locating suitable entrepreneurs by a number of buying organizations including the Public Sector Enterprises, various Wings of Defense, Railways and others in indigenising a number of products which hitherto have been imported at a colossal cost.

MSME-DIs organise two types of VDPs - national level VDPs and state level VDPs.  While national level VDPs feature large scale organizations such as BEL, BHEL, TELCO, BSNL, lOC, NHPC, NTPC etc, in state level VDPs, only one or two buying large scale organisations functioning in the state participate in the programme and interact with MSMEs (sellers).
In national level VDPs, an exhibition is also put up for displaying the products of MSMEs and large scale organizations.
Business enquiries ranging from Rs 5 crore to Rs 20 crore per VDP can be generated through National Level VDPs. The Plan Scheme of Vendor Development Programme has been operational since 1995.