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SIDBI and Dun & Bradstreet India launches Sustainability Index dedicated to MSMEs

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and Dun & Bradstreet signed an MoU to create the SIDBI -D&B Sustainability Perception Index (SIDBI – D&B SPeX). The index will be presented as a quantitative measurement for policy makers and enablers to nudge businesses towards adopting an ESG framework in their business strategy over the coming years.

To be released every quarter, the survey will capture the sentiment of businesses on various business parameters that, when analysed at an aggregate level, will provide valuable insights on adoption of an ESG framework. SIDBI – D&B SPeX will also capture feedback on specific events and policies. Later it is planned to cover the sectoral and sub sectoral perceptions/aspirations & preparedness where the sectoral enterprises can track themselves in regard to improvement on ESG.

The SIDBI-D&B Sustainability Perception Index was launched on 30th September 2022 in an event held in Coimbatore in the presence of Industries Commissioner and Director Industries and Commence, Government of Tamil Nadu, CMD of SIDBI, and MD of D&B. During the event attended by around 200 representatives of MSMEs, financial institutions, government departments, and other stakeholders, SIDBI and D&B also signed an MoU for developing and implementing the Index.