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Sizeable cut in market lot of shares on BSE SME

Mumbai, Apr 4 (KNN)  Conforming to new SEBI guidelines, the BSE SME platform has brought in changes in the market lot of the companies listed on the SME Exchange. The market lot (ML) has been considerably reduced by 50 per cent or more for the firms on the SME Exchange.

“In accordance to SEBI guidelines, the Exchange has reviewed the lot size of the companies listed on SME Exchange/ Platform,” according to an official statement.

The market lot reflects the minimum trading lot of shares in the list of the Exchange. With the sizeable reduction in the ML, the trading volume is expected to increase on the Exchange.

While 55 companies are listed on the platform, active trading takes place in less than one third of them.

The ML for each of the companies has been fixed individually.

For instance, for RCL Retail Limited the new ML is cut to 3000 from 6000; for Eco Friendly Food Processing Park Limited the new ML is cut to 300 from 1200.