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SMEs demand setting up of dedicated Ministry to boost the sector

 New Delhi, Apr 19 (KNN) The pharma SMEs in the country are looking towards the central government for the formation of a Ministry of Pharmaceuticals.

This according to them is the way out to boost the pharma industry in the country that has been performing quite well both in India as well as abroad.

Talking to KNN, Himanshu Shah of the Small Scale Drug Manufacturers Association said that there are many issues that surround the pharma SMEs at present.

Listing the issues he said that marketing is a prime concern for the drug manufacturing SMEs. “For most of the units, it is a ‘one man show’; there is not much man power. In such a scenario marketing becomes very difficult” he added. 

He said that even the Government authorities prefer extending contracts to the large industries and not the SMEs, because of which we have to search for markets to sell our medicines.

Highlighting the lack of uniform rules in the country, he exhorted that a Central Ministry for the pharmaceuticals could help address this concern. “Different states have different policies related to drugs, there are states that have already allowed certain formulae whereas other states prohibit it, which further brings in unhealthy competition” said Shah.

Talking about the cost cuts that the government have been pushing he said “We don’t intend to procure huge profits, yet to keep up with the governments demand to comply with the latest WHO standards and certifications we incur costs to upgrade the required infrastructure” He further spoke about the taxation on the medicines. “There is almost 20% taxation on the medicines for us as producers, cutting costs considering all, it is difficult to bring down the prices”

“The pharma SMEs have been instrumental in contributing to the overall public health in the country, the government must consider setting up dedicated portfolio that could help facilitate this sector to further heights” he added. (KNN/ DA)