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SMEs need customized, cost-effective communication plan: Route Mobile MD

Rajdipkumar Gupta: Route Mobile is a global Cloud Communication Platform provider, catering to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players and mobile network operators (MNO). Since its inception in 2004, Route Mobile has been enhancing mobile communications through technology upgrades and product innovations; meeting the needs of a diverse clientele across geographies. Our customizable, user-friendly, and effective solutions enable enterprises and mobile operators to deliver efficient services and have customized communications with their customers.

Route Mobile is one of the leading Cloud Communications Platform service provider offering Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that caters to enterprises, MNO’s and over-the-top (OTT) players. Our portfolio comprises of smart solutions in Messaging, Voice, Identity, Email and SMS Filtering, Analytics and Monetization. We offer value-based consulting, provide a high level of customer service, deploy the right talent for overall development and help businesses achieve consistent growth.

Route Mobile empowers businesses by providing comprehensive and tailor-made communication services that enrich customer experience. We offer a range of cloud-communication services to clients across diverse sectors including but not limited to banking and financial services, aviation, retail, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and telecom. Our clients include some of the world’s largest and well-known organizations, including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies.

Route Mobile has deployed state-of-art data centers across six locations globally, which are equipped with requisite failovers and redundancies necessary for maintaining 24x7 operations. The company has processed more than 31 billion messages in fiscal 2019-2020.

Route Mobile is headquartered in Mumbai, India with a global presence in 19 locations across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. We are member of MEF, GSMA & an accredited open hub connectivity solution provider.

What are the services Route Mobile offers?

Rajdipkumar Gupta: Our services can be widely categorized into Messaging, Identity, Operator, Voice, Bespoke, and Email solutions.

Our plug-and-play programmable APIs enable enterprises to integrate with existing business systems within minutes and send personalized, scheduled, and multi-language communications to target audience, anywhere, anytime instantly. We have an array of messaging solutions like A2P messaging, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages, WhatsApp Business Solution, 2-way messaging, One-time-Password (OTP), Omni-channel communications and many more solutions that can be customized according to the enterprise needs. 

With Identity Solutions, we safeguard the end-user security and enable enterprises to send trusted business communications, personalize & enrich the end-user experience.

Our Bespoke Solution- Verbatim, empowers customers to choose appropriate channels of communications, receive & accept legal disclaimers and standardize regulatory compliances. With this, we help the enterprises to optimise the customer-agent call time & save the cost. 

Our email solutions enable our customers to send emails through a safe network without being classified as spam. The key features of our email solutions are: Email Automation, 24*7 Client Support, Easy Integration, and Spam avoidance. 

Our voice solutions help to create unique experiences for the end-consumers by personalizing campaigns and enriching their journey with voice applications. Our solutions include Outbound Dialer, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Click 2 Call, Call Patching and Call Center to name a few. 

For Operators our most prominent solutions include Route Shield, SMS Hub, and Instant Virtual Number. In their arduous task of responding to an increasingly connected world, our solutions meet the demands of established and emerging Mobile Network Operators looking to reduce the complexity of SMS coverage expansion, route monetization and security.

How are these services helpful for SMEs?

Rajdipkumar Gupta: Being one of the leading aggregators we constantly endeavour to simplify communications for better outcomes. Most of our services can be customized according to the businesses’ needs. This enables small and medium businesses to engage with their target audiences through a cost-effective yet customized communication plan. SMEs as well as local businesses can communicate with their customers directly through enhanced business communication solutions like WhatsApp business, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages etc especially when staying in touch has become so important during the current situation.

CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is a great platform for SMEs as it can enable the enterprises to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the communication infrastructure. It comes with the multi-layer data security, redundancy, state-of-the-art customer management platform that gives customers a complete control of the platform..

Our AI-based chatbots can assist end-customers of enterprises with FAQs, feedback, fulfil enquiry details and are capable of transferring the conversation to human agents.

Small a well as big companies are taking advantage of a wide range of digital connectivity to provide real-time services to their clients. Your views

Rajdipkumar Gupta: It has now become a necessity for enterprises, brands and businesses to regularly stay connected with its customers and more so digitally. Deeper customer engagement is the need of the hour and enhanced business solutions can easily cater to this demand. For example, RCS Business Messaging, WhatsApp Business Solution, Viber Business Messages enables small and big businesses to connect & engage with its target audiences by sending them rich communication like images, videos, documents, etc on their default SMS function.

Enhanced business communication enables enterprises to send notifications like important alerts, OTP (one-time password), QR codes of e-tickets, product catalogue, offers etc. It can also be integrated with a chatbot that can initiate dialogues that can enable two-way communication flow like enquiries, customer support, feedback requests, bill payments, online ordering, sending invoices, requesting a product or a service to name a few. 

Apart from its host of features, it also provides read receipts, delivery receipts, and intelligent customization of information for customers for taking insight based actions. It can benefit across industries like retail, tours and travels, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and many more. Extremely flexible in nature, it can be moulded as per the requirement of each of these industries thereby making the entire communication process a fulfilling experience.

A2P messaging has emerged globally as a large segment of revenue growth for Mobile Network Operators. Please comment.

Rajdipkumar Gupta: According to a leading research organization, the Global A2P SMS Market size will reach $70.0 billion by 2020.

Historically, the main channel for A2P messaging traffic and enterprise spend is an SMS. A2P messaging has become the most executed and valuable messaging tool for businesses today. It is considered to be the fastest and most reliable way to reach end-consumers. It is customizable, cost-effective and efficient means of communicating notifications, alerts, transactions, details and updates. This adds to its popularity amongst businesses globally. Hence, the A2P messaging market is growing steadily and strongly when it comes to traffic and enterprise spends globally across all components.

SMS is, and will continue to be a dominant A2P channel due to its unmatched global reach, multiple connectivity & interface options, multilingual messaging capabilities, 98% read rates, security and spam protection filters. According to a leading research firm, approximately 88% of enterprise spends were attributed to enterprise A2P spends and approximately 83% of the A2P traffic in 2019. 

With enhanced business messaging, enterprises will broaden their A2P messaging perspectives and explore multiple channels of communication in order to increase customer engagement and enhance their experience to get more customer loyalty. It is quite possible for them to achieve scalability while controlling the costs.

How much adoption of new age messaging solutions is going at present?

Rajdipkumar Gupta: In this pandemic scenario, digital transformation has now become a mandate for businesses. Considering the situation, many enterprises are supporting remote working, because of which, we are witnessing a steady rise in the demand for innovative digital solutions through cloud communications platforms. 

To seize the opportunities and stay connected with the customers, enterprises have started adopting cloud communications to enhance business communication strategies. Advanced messaging with chatbots, AI, and machine learning as well as plugins are now used to deliver the richer experience to consumers. Also, A2P solutions are transforming customer conversations into rich and interactive experiences with personal messages and hyper-personalized content. Enhanced business communications such as- RCS Business Messaging, WhatsApp Business Solutions, Viber Business Messaging have played a crucial role during this unprecedented time.

Enterprises are considering APIs not just from an IT decision making perspective but also as a part of digital transformation as they can redefine their business models. They are increasingly adopting an omnichannel platform to integrate all of their digital communication in one place and to provide a unified experience that enables quick resolution and personalized service on demand.

The changing dynamics, ongoing developments, and upgrades in the IT industry are instrumentally complimenting the rise in digital enhancements and adoption within telecom infrastructure. Cloud communications have become the need of the hour as it can automate the communication processes. Apart from large scale, small scale and medium scale businesses have also started adopting & exploring cloud communications due to limited capital investment required for deploying the setup, faster on-boarding, and ensuring end-to-end communication cycle. 





Please share your future plans with our readers.


Rajdipkumar Gupta: With growing internet penetration, business models are evolving and cloud communication services are being used by enterprises for streamlining back-end operations as well as for engaging with customers, employees and other stakeholders. 


We are proud to say that, today, we are one of the leading cloud-communication platform service providers offering Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and will continue to focus on building our presence in new markets and addressing the need for cloud-communications services in new industries. We plan to add a few more products and services to our portfolio along with messaging platforms that will help enterprises to function with ease. We will continue to track new technologies, industry segments and market trends in the mobile technology sector.


As a global aggregator, we intend to leverage our robust in-house developed technology platform and our ability to manage large volumes of client data to focus on big data analytics, providing our clients with additional business insights. We intend to focus on developing communication solutions through artificial intelligence (“AI”), machine learning (“ML”) and blockchain for advanced data analytics and predictive analysis, which will allow our enterprise and MNO clients to discover and monitor historical relationships and trends in their data.

We intend to expand and enhance our chatbot services using AI and ML to help our clients automate customer interactions and service requirements.

Being one of the leading global aggregators, we have been extensively working towards bringing enhanced business messaging solutions like RCS Business Messaging, WhatsApp Business Solution, Viber Business Messaging and Identity solutions in the mainstream for a couple of years now and are fully committed to ensure the successful adoption among enterprises. 

That’s not all, with strategic acquisitions, we intend to increase the scale of our operations, access new clients and enter high-growth geographies in a cost-effective manner. We also intend to expand our existing offerings to include more operator-related product offerings.

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