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Taiwan plans to invest Rs.50 cr in Indian energy market

Power backup provider CyberPower Systems Inc of Taiwan plans to invest Rs.50 crore in the burgeoning Indian energy market to hardsell its products, including high-end UPS, USB car chargers and solar chargers, a company official said Wednesday.

"We plan to invest Rs.50 crore over time to strengthen and expand our presence in the Indian market, which has huge potential for our products, including UPS (uninterruptible power supply), USB (universal serial bus) devices and solar charges for small, medium and larger enterprises and industrial firms," CyberPower president Michael Ho said in Bangalore.

Besides supplying high-end UPS systems to the IT industry, the company's Mumbai-based Indian subsidiary will offer other valued power protection products with quality and reliability to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

"Our energy-saving backup products will reduce energy costs significantly and protect valuable assets of our customers as we believe that engineering excellence drives energy efficiency," company's sales director Gilbert Chen said at a preview of its products.

As part of its promotion and marketing strategy, the company will showcase its range of power backup, enterprise power solution, mobile power, remote power management and its software.

"Our product range includes computer battery backup systems, power management applications and a series of computer accessories for desktop, workstation and network equipment, CyberPower India managing director Arun Ghosh said on the occasion.

With chronic power shortages, voltage fluctuations and poor quality of supply being the norm across the country, enterprises in services and manufacturing sectors are forced to spend 10-15 percent of their capital investments on backups to ensure uninterrupted and uniform power supply to run their systems or machines for consistent energy output.

"The peak power shortage is around 13 percent across the country, as demand continues to outstrip supply and faulty distribution system leads to multiple problems such as voltage fluctuations and frequent interruptions. These endemic problems have forced end-users to install UPS, invertors and gensets," Ghosh said.

The company plans to market its emergency power supply systems, programmable maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar chargers and solar inverters, battery bank for mobile, camera, i-pads and other portable devices and accessories.