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Technical Committee of Digital MSME Scheme holds second review meeting, takes key decisions for implementation

 New Delhi, June 15 (KNN) The Technical Committee of Digital MSME Scheme, in its second meeting, has decided the services should not be classified in three categories namely Basic, Standard & Premium under the scheme for the ease of MSMEs.

The 2nd meeting of Technical Committee of Digital MSME scheme was held earlier this week in the Office of Development Commissioner, MSME. The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Piyush Srivastava, Additional Development Commissioner, MSME.

During the first meeting of the Technical Committee (TC) and Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL) had placed before the committee the list of service providers along with the services modules offered, market rate of services and rates at which services are being offered under the scheme.

The Chairman made an observation that in case of few service providers, there is very little difference between market rate and rates offered under the scheme. Therefore, TCIL may negotiate with such service providers in due course of time, said the ADC, MSME.

During review meeting Chaired by AS&DC on June 9, 2017, it was decided that the services can be classified in three categories namely Basic, Standard & Premium.

“The issue was deliberated in details by Technical Committee and in view of complications in categorizing the services due to different set of modules offered by various service providers, it was opined not to categorize the services for ease of MSMEs,” the Committee decided in the second meeting.

Rates of services as quoted by service providers are on per single usage basis and it was decided that for the time being rates per single usage may be offered to MSMEs, however, rates at discounted price for multiple usage may be negotiated by TCIL with service providers in due course of time as the scheme progresses, said the Committee.

TCIL informed that few service providers are offering rates bifurcating the cost towards usage, training etc separately. It was decided that for ease of MSMEs, only one rate should be offered to MSMEs incorporating costs towards all components.

TCIL also informed that FAQs of Digital MSME scheme are being prepared and each service provider has been asked to prepare FAQs for its own services.

The Government has decided to implement "Digital MSME" Scheme for promotion of Information & Communication Technology in MSME Sector with a total budget of Rs. 85.705 Crore including Government of India’s contribution of Rs. 58.105 crore during 2017- 18 to 2019-20.

The scheme envisages promotion of ICT applications to make them "Digital" by adopting new approach of Cloud Computing with the objectives to sensitize and encourage MSMEs towards new approach ie., Cloud Computing for ICT adoption in their production and business processes with a view to improve their competitiveness in National and International Market; Adoption of best practices to improve quality of products and services; and To benefit large number of MSMEs in terms of standardizing their business processes, improvement in productivity through Cloud Computing by reducing the burden of investment on Hardware, Software and Infrastructural Activities using Cloud Platform. (KNN Bureau