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Telangana deploys Covid-19 monitoring app developed by start-up

The Telangana government has deployed an automated Covid-19 monitoring system app to identify and undertake live surveillance, track, monitor and provide real-time analytics to the chief minister and the health department. The system, which is built on a digital platform, erases human errors and claims to provide accurate information.

The vital features of the app include geotagging and GPS tracking of the home-quarantined person to ensure that she/he is not breaching the law of quarantine. With instant trace and trackability, accurate information is conveyed to the authorities if there is a breach. Every detail report reaches the Chief Minister’s Office through various channels such as the ASHA worker, doctor, police and others.

“Our technology is based on IoT, smart devices, GPS and geotag via a super lite centralised app which is installed in the phones of all associates – from the ground level to the Chief Minister’s Office,’’ Dharma Teja Nukarapu, founder and CEO of Vera Healthcare, said in a statement.