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This company wants to solve finance issues for MSMEs with loans at a click

The quest to ease access to finance for small businesses led four ISB alums to start FlexiLoans.com in 2016 as a one-stop solution.

FlexiLoans.com, a brand owned by NBFC Epimoney Pvt Ltd, boasts of being a market leader in ecosystem-based digital lending for small businesses in India. ‘Loans at a click’ is the vision with which the founders had embarked upon this journey.

The reasons for that are easy to determine. The excessive requirements of documentation, asset security and other paperwork act as a major roadblock to MSMEs in the country. By digitising the entire process and creating flexible lending products, FlexiLoans.com aims to solve this very problem at its core. It offers SMEs a lending solution which focuses on the three key aspects of technology, products and partnerships. With a CAGR of 543.93%, Epimoney is the third fastest growing company in India